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Has there ever been a time where you witnessed a fellow employee find money on the ground and kept it for themselves rather than turning it in to lost and found or human resource? If so, please explain how you would approach the employee and ask them about the money.

1 Answer

I said I have never witnessed a fellow work associate find money on the floor or ground and kept it to themselves.

Do you have any type Loss Prevention experience? Tell my why you would like to work here. What is your strengths and weaknesses?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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If you caught an employee stealing a pack of gum what would you do?

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One of them had to do with how I would handle a booster group if I thought one of the suspects had a weapon.

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When can you start? (This wasn't intended to be a joke, the interview was just that easy)

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Name some skills that you have.

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What was the worst part of your last job, why, and how would you deal or change it.

What did i do to protect confidential info

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