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Loss Prevention Officer was asked...August 10, 2009

Man walks into the store with an empty backpack. He grabs several items and you lose sight of him. The next time you see him he is exiting the store with a bulging backpack and the cashiers say he didn't ever make a purchase, what do you do?

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You cannot make a stop based upon the fact that you are missing several elements of the assumed theft. He could have easily ditched the merchandise while he was not in sight of the officer. Stopping a suspected SL based upon this scenario is absurd and may have potential legal ramifications. Less

Sadly, you have to let the individual leave the store you cant stop him with knowing(by actually seeing the event) he has stolen property. Also it wouldnt be considered stolen unless he left the store and got to a certain part of the parking lot which every store is different Less

Always remember to follow the six steps. Unless you observed him attempting to conceal items and head past the Point of Sale towards the exit, you have no legal cause for stopping him. Even asking him to empty his backpack is a sticky legal situation. He has his fourth amendment rights, even on private property. If at any time he feels he was detained (IE You standing between him and the exit, or he is surrounded by employees) it could attempt to press charges of Unlawful Detainment. Detainment is often associated with force, such as handcuffs or holds, but it is as simple as inhibiting some ones ability to exit. Less

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What makes you want to work for Kohl's?

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I said, Kohl's is a company that has invested a large amount of money in building stores and distribution centers, which shows that in this economically depressed time they are one of the few companys that is not only surviving but succeeding. He seemed impressed with my answer and moved on to a discussion about pay rate. Less

J. C. Penney

I studied for a few days and really thought hard about any questions I could get asked. My LP manager gave me a heads up on what his boss would ask me in the next interview. He gave me the confidence to just go in there and own it and I did.

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Comment: Thanks for this. I've never come across this in an interview but it helps to be able to know that something like this was asked so I can prepare for it just in case it comes up. Less

Describe yourself in three words. Research good answers. Choose which applies to you and give examples and why. Never just use one word answers. Less


The interview was a behavioral interview where the interviewer presented multiple scenarios and the interviewee was prompted to give a solution and result of the scenario.

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Renaissance Hotels

Tell me an example of a time you had to defuse a situation with a disgruntle guest? And what was the outcome?

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Actively listen to what they have to say. Stay calm and empathize with them about the situation. Let them know what you plan to do. The most important thing is to do a follow up. Less


Why do you want to work for Debenhams.

1 Answers

Are you ambitious

1st Class Security

Can you pass a drug test and background check

1 Answers

Yes Ma'am

Marriott International

Whats your best quality

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Marriott International

Situational questions

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Do you think there was anything unique about the application you submitted or your resume that helped you get the job? Less

Marriott International

Why would you want to work for the Marriott?

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Because the hotel was next to my school in Islamabad when I was staying in ICB and got a plan since I was a kid to join that company in future Less

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