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We were sitting in the third floor of a 16 floor building. After asking me about my experiences with working within a group the interviewer suddenly asked me, "How many pennies would it take to stack as high as this building?"

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It took me a second to realize that his apparent non sequitur was an attempt to evaluate my problem solving capabilities and methodology. Then, I estimated the width of a penny and the height of the floors within the building and talked through a calculation for him.

It would be one penny less than those which would just exceed the height of the building when stacked above one another.

Describe an experience where you overcame a multicultural divide to accomplish a challenge.

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Describe a difficult situation you have faced and how you handled it.

Tell me about how you worked in a team setting.

Tell me about your greatest accomplishment.

Global warming as a result of carbon emissions is scientifically accepted how should the company focus its over all strategy to handle such a situation?

Tell me about yourself. Are you familiar with Solidworks, AutoCAD,etc?

Describe a time in your life when you failed to reach one of your goals.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

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