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Financial Analyst Interview Questions in Louisville, KY

Financial Analyst Interview Questions in Louisville, KY

Interviewers will expect financial analyst candidates to be well-versed in financial markets, modeling, and analysis. Make sure you are comfortable with both micro and macroeconomics. In addition to highly technical questions, be ready to answer a few behavioral questions that will show off your communication and collaboration skills.

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Why are you here?

1 Answer

I told them because this was a job that was available and that I was interested in.

Rate yourself on your skillset in Microsoft Excel and Access

-What is your greatest innovation? -Describe a time you solved a complex problem -How have you used data in order to solve problems?

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What is your greatest weakness?/Name your top 3 weaknesses? What is something you didn't like about your past boss? Tell me about a difficult situation and how did you handle it?

All Behavioral-Based interview questions. Tell me about a time when.... Depending on the hiring manager, you may receive a "cheat sheet" as to how to use the STAR method to respond to these questions. Some examples asked of me were "Talk about a time you directly improved the efficiencies of your workplace or department"

Tell about a time you had to adapt to change quickly.

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Technical: 1) "Design a OO structure to handle users, bank accounts (users can have more than one), CC numbers, balances, withdrawals, etc." 2) "Given two stacks of "Transactions," return the first intersection."

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