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-What is your greatest innovation? -Describe a time you solved a complex problem -How have you used data in order to solve problems?

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Don't kid yourselves, folks. This is a more rigorous interview process than most companies put you through (on-par with other tech giants like Google, etc.). Having said that, preparation was the #1 key to success for me. They give you the tools to succeed. They tell you how to prepare and what to expect. There were no curveballs for me. I simply had to know my story and work history (successes AND failures) at a very detailed level, and then practice, practice, and more practice. As others have stated, the interviewers will ask you questions that really peel the layers of the onion. Be prepared to go 3-5 questions deep for any story/scenario you present or they ask about - I cannot stress this enough. As far as personalities of the interviewers: most were super polite and nice, while some were mildly abrasive. I'm not sure if this is by design or just the personalities of the interviewers. Good luck folks!! :)

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Why do I wan to work for Jack Henry/

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The questions were 50% behavioral, 50% hypothetical. Lot's centered around ensuring the right cultural fit.

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All Behavioral-Based interview questions. Tell me about a time when.... Depending on the hiring manager, you may receive a "cheat sheet" as to how to use the STAR method to respond to these questions. Some examples asked of me were "Talk about a time you directly improved the efficiencies of your workplace or department"

Tell me what your most complicated excel model looked like. Walk me through it.

Give an example of a project you had that you had to learn how to implement, what were your steps in deployment of this project?