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Kaiser Permanente
LVN was asked...June 15, 2010

I see that you worked for us in the past (before I was a nurse), and you left after 3 months.

3 Answers

Yes, I have. During my 3 months probation I went above and beyond customer satisfaction based on my job functions. Patients were happy and so does the department. I was never late. I have exceeded my monthly work satisfaction. My 3 months work review also shows how awesome I am ☺️. I love my job and enjoyed it. So much though that while I was working side by side with nurses and doctors that I was motivated to pursue a career. I understand that Kaiser promotes their employees in continuation of education. after deep thoughts and research. I made the biggest decision in my life that changed me. Fortunately, i was accepted in nursing school. However, working during the day, school at night and little time to study. I had to make the hardest decision in my life -- that is to go to school full time In order for me to reached my goal. I am a dedicated person and i always give my very best. If given the opportunity I would love to show my dedication towards my job once again, here in Kaiser, as I have in the past. Less

Here in kaiser, as i have in the past.

Yes, that's true. While in that position, I was inspired to become a nurse and immediately started nursing school, so I could come back and apply for that position. Less

TRISUN Healthcare

Have you ever worked in a long term facility care center?

2 Answers

Yes , I worked at and I named the several long term facilities I had done contract work for AND another I was an employee for. Less

I have 3 years experience

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
LVN was asked...July 11, 2016

5 patient rights

2 Answers

Right patient, medication, time, route and dose.

I told them the 5 patient rights when passing medications.

The GEO Group
LVN was asked...April 29, 2017

Typical questions regarding correctional experience.

2 Answers


Geo cma related interview questions

Country Villa Health

Do you have any questions for us?

2 Answers

Why the people like to work in the country Viola

I asked about their benefits, such as 401k etc

Enhabit Home Health & Hospice

Where do you see yourself in five years?

2 Answers

I hope to be an RN and continuing my education.

I believe I just had an interview with the same person. Can you tell me more about her as a supervisor? Less

Kaiser Permanente
LVN was asked...August 9, 2014

What is the most difficult aspect of being an LVN?

2 Answers

Dealing with an angry costumer

Did they ask anything?


If you come in to work and during your shift you notice a drastic change from the residents baseline behavior, as the nurse what would first come to mind?

2 Answers

Possible UTI or dehydration

First check on any meds side effect or missed dosage taken.

Kaiser Permanente
LVN was asked...December 18, 2015

Why do you want to work for Kaiser Permanente?

2 Answers

employer take care of thier employee

Because I believe in continuity of care. Providing support to patients as well as doctors. Kaiser has almost everything in one place. Making it easy for patients to go from one test to another in half a day or in one day. Kaiser also promotes excellent customer service to patients. Providing them health care information designed based on medical needs. Accommodating. Promotes safe nursing care by supporting their staff with proper trainings, continuation of education and life balance. Because of that I believe Kaiser has honor its commitment for everyone to thrive. Less

Kaiser Permanente
LVN was asked...December 29, 2015

horrible experience

2 Answers

horrible experience

What kind of experience? I have been to panel interviews and didnt like it. I do not have a chance in that area. But one on one interviews are good for me. Im a little bit of a shy person. Therefore i would always fail in group interviews. So what was the question? Less

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