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Education background and paid work experience.

How would deal with an angry client, what would you do in that situation

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How fast are you at med pass?

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What was my availability: either AM's or PM's. Was I willing to start immediate after return of DOJ fingerprint information, review of my physical evaluation. Did I have a problem working at the jail downtown Sacramento? Would I have a problem working with inmates? Am I willing to work at skilled facilities and or at VA Hospital if there is availability?

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What does the word THRIVE mean to you and how would you implement that at KP?

How would you incorporate culture and professionalism at KP?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How do you remove a catheter? What are the steps to starting an IV. What are the adverse effects of ..... What would you do if you saw your superior doing something they shouldn't? How do you handle conflict in a work situation?

What would you do if a patient was upset?

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