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Are you ready to become a driver ? can I pass a background check and will my car pass safety inspection ? When will I be ready to earn 35 an hour GUARENTEED ? and be my own boss ?

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Yes yes yes and yes

How's it going? Really casual interview.

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Have you passed a vehicle inspection

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Do I have a driver's license? Yes! For over 20 years I've driven.

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I don't remember her asking me many questions. I ask her a TON of questions because by the time I was being mentored, I was basically hired as long as I didn't drive like an idiot. (I'm a very good driver with zero moving violations on my record.)

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Do you have any impairments

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They do run a background check on you which in my case took nearly two weeks because I moved from another state.

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Why do you want to be a Lyft driver?

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Are you nervous driving.

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How will you bring your personality to your experience as a driver?

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