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Liberty University Interviews in Lynchburg /  HQ: Lynchburg, VA

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Genworth Interviews in Lynchburg /  HQ: Richmond, VA

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StarTek Interviews in Lynchburg /  HQ: Greenwood Village, CO

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Interview Questions in Lynchburg

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I was given a piece of clothing (I think it was a cardigan) and was asked to assume that I was on a call with a customer, and I had to describe the cardigan.

1 Answer

They basically want you to use "pretty" words when describing the item, and not leave any details out e.g pockets, buttons, sleeve length, shape of collar, fabric, color etc

Did I have any experience or education of social work?

1 Answer

They ask every potential employee to give a sales pitch for a random item of clothing which doesn't have to be a great pitch, but they want to see if you even have potential to sell an item to a customer.

1 Answer

Can you provide W2s or Payck Stubs from a Family Owned Business? From "EVAN"

1 Answer

Branch manager asked many personal questions that I'm pretty sure were illegal for him to ask.

1 Answer

What was the hardest thing about working in the department I used to work in before I was laid off.

1 Answer

I wasn’t asked anything aside from availability

1 Answer

Me: I did supplier management, including lot number tracking in a big spreadsheet and manufacturing logbook review. Them: Well, we do a lot of work that might seem tedious, how do you think you would handle that? Me: Well, I developed the spreadsheet.

1 Answer

In what direction does a dipole antenna radiates?

2 Answers

Do you prefer working independent,or working with other to get the job done.

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