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The three data structure questions are: 1. the difference between linked list and array; 2. the difference between stack and queue; 3. describe hash table.

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Wow... pathetically easy

They asked questions on projects. "why did you use a certain machine learning algorithms, and why not another one?

General: Do you have an experience with going from quick and dirty prototyping to real products?

One of the interviewers barely spoke English and got agitated when I pointed that I cannot understand what is he saying.

Python: Version of Python used, and why? Which unit tests have you used on Python projects? Have you used scikit-learn library? Which algorithms have you used from there? What is a list comprehension in python, and how you use it? Are you familiar with "generator comprehension"? What is PEP8? What "pass" does in python? What python libraries have you used? How to resolve inter-dependencies of libraries? What is python "with" statement?

ML: What is a difference between supervised and unsupervised learning? Give an example of both. How SVM algorithm works (general description)? How to make sure you are not overfitting while training a model? How you measure accuracy or the error rates? Spark: What is RDD? Why would you ever cache an RDD?

How do you develop ML models to handle acronyms so that mlk and milk can convey the same meaning?

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Tell me about one of your latest projects.

What were some of the Deep Learning architectures you have developed and why?

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