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Account Executive Interview Questions in Madison, WI

"When hiring account executives, employers are looking for candidates with the communication and sales skills to find and acquire new clients. In an interview, be ready to discuss your experience sourcing new business opportunities, familiarity with sales strategies, and ability to close deals with clients."

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A potential, very potentially profitable, client calls you up, saying they're interested in your product. They need to speak to your CEO ASAP. If this isn't possible, you know for a fact this deal is off the table. The CEO is in an important meeting, but in an absolute emergency, is available. What do you do? (NOTE: I danced around giving a firm answer as best as I could, but the interviewers forced me to give an advice is, regardless of what your answer to tough questions may be if interviewing w/ Epic, just give one. You'll be forced to one anyways, delaying it makes you look weak and indecisive.)

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I said I'd interrupt the CEO's meeting. I also didn't get an offer. Read into that what you will.

Key word here... potential. Not until this is a solid client, with a lot known...would I ever interrupt my CEO. Btw.... I find the line ‘you know this deal is off the table’ bologna with a ‘potential’

Explain a challenge you faced in the workforce and how did you get through it.

Tell me about your background and what particular work experiences would serve you best as an employee at The Digital Ring.

Why do you want to work here? What is the most challenging thing you've done?

What experience do you have with web structure, design and/or programming?

Tell me about a time when you had to complete a difficult task by a certain deadline and how you overcame challenges to complete it.