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Associate Manager Interview Questions in Madison, WI


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What classes in college have prepared you for this role?

Define a time you worked as a team with peers.

What I knew about fashion

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All questions are designed for you to provide an example of a past experience.

Tell me about some of the cool marketing projects you've worked on. Tell me how you would handle working with the creative department.

Provide us an example of how you would build relationships with the media and co-workers in this position.

Please describe a situation where you were faced with significant conflict and how you successfully resolved the situation

Hiring manager focused more on questions regarding me as a person and what I could bring vs trying to box me into the job description, which I appreciated.

Describe a time you had to perform a difficult task.

Say I'm a venture capitalist, giving you $250,000. What business proposal would you like to see on THIS specific campus and why? Further, how would you market said business and how would you compete with existing businesses?