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Software Developer Interview Questions in Madrid, Spain

"Software developers design, write, test, and maintain the code for a software system. Extensive knowledge of programming languages, data structures, and algorithms are necessary to pass the technical interview which is designed to test these skills. Employers are looking for candidates with a bachelor's degree in computer science or related field or equivalent work experience. "

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Tell me about you for 15 minutes. Why did you choose your degree? How do you see yourself in 20 years?

You will be asked about situations related with the Amazon leadership principles, which will be send to you in advance by your HR contact person.

Have you ever used X technology/framework?

The 1st phone interview was extremely technical on the basics of Objective-c programming

[Linked-List] Implement an algorithm to find the kth to last element of a singly linked list. [ Trees ] Given two nodes , return the lowest common ancestor.

Basically they asked me to tell them my career. Since I stated some situations which were difficult, they asked me how I managed them and if I still think if that was the best solution to those problems.

Java casting. if B extends A, can you do something like this? ((A) B).methodOfA

Why are you interested in X industry?

Tell me 3 strengths and 3 flaws of yours.

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