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Are you willing to work long hours?

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Yes, though I had no idea just how long they wanted.

How long do I have to wait before I know my job application status??

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What would your co-workers and friends say were your best attributes?

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How would the company benefit from my employment.

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Situations given by the interviewer that you should answer to the best of your knowledge and some microsoft applications like word. spreadsheet, excel.

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First time every had interview or job processing over the phone and through my email account.

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What makes Gersh unique to others in its field?

Had an incredibly brief and awkward phone interview. The woman kept coughing and hacking into the phone and mumbling. Answered a few of the goofy basic questions regarding how my attendance was at my previous job. Asked if I was a smoker. I don't but being she coughs like one and supposedly the company is a smoker free environment they're kind of sending the wrong message. I applied for the job because it's incredibly close to where I live and wanted a more physical job while I attend school for an IT related field. Thought this place might be a good fit being that it's a tech company but this woman actually deterred me asking in a condescending tone if I'd be bored because she thought I was over qualified. Got annoyed with the lady's lack of overall professionalism and told her I was no longer interested.

Are you interested in this position?

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