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Tell me about a time you are face with a difficult situation, How did you solve it? Given a room with 3 light bulbs which have their respective three switches (On/Off) outside the room. You don't know which switch corresponds to which light bulb. You can do whatever you want with the switches but you can enter the room only once. How will you find which light switch corresponds to which light bulb?

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I talked about my past experience

Turn them all on!

If you take one at a time once there there on remove one wire or off but you have to turn power on again you should find which switch belongs to the bulbs.

Do you prefer technical or managing?

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The one thing the manager asked me is "why did you leave your last job?"

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What makes you qualified to do this job? Why do you want this job? What sets you apart from someone else that wants this job?

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How do you solve a technical problem without having all the necessary information?

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What are some experiences you have?

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Particular equipment experience

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Support questions were taken from real cases they've handled. I've seen most of the issues before, and was able to answer them immediately, others I had to google but quickly understood how to reply.

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How would you handle an employee who is acting up and refusing to perform assigned task?

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Why you want to work here

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