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Maintenance supervisor Interview Questions

"Maintenance supervisors utilize their certifications from the SMRP, IMI, and NAA to ensure that they are qualified to coordinate maintenance of building systems. During an interview, expect to talk about how you keep your workers on task, how you fire others, and your knowledge on maintenance. You may have to role-play many situations where a worker is unproductive or conflicting with others."

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Have you ever fired anyone

2 Answers

Only after the employee has been advised verbally of the issue, written and documented of the corrections necessary with appropriate time to correct, and when it is absolutely the only remaining option.

Yes, only once

How would you handle the following situation: You and your supervisor are not agreeing on a path forward what would you do.

2 Answers

Describe a time you had to deal with a unproductive emplyee

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What is instrumentation Amplifier (IA) and what are all the advantages?

1 Answer

What would you do if the technician performing the vehicle repairs was having difficulties with diagnosis?

1 Answer

How would you handle a problem employee who will not/can not pull their weight?

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All questions asked are designed with the TEAMWORK theory in mind and how you communicate your plan, your needs and your expectations.

5 Answers

How would you deal with others not listening to you

3 Answers

Do you see yourself growing with our company?

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How long will it take to turn an apartment?

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