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Maintenance technician Interview Questions

Maintenance technicians generally work under managers to maintain buildings and equipment. Interviews will feature scenarios of problems which you will be responsible for fixing while keeping in communication with both managers and customers. Come ready to showcase your job-specific knowledge and problem solving skills. Education requirements vary so be sure to research them before applying for a position.

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How would you handle a system outage?

2 Answers

I would start at the beginning and work my way forward until I found where the error was. Continually checking the system database as I went forward to see my progress and make sure I was bringing the whole system up and not leaving a portion out.

Calmly. Locate and fix using the half-split method; whether that is with teams in broad geographically spanning systems or within a single functioning system

I was asked about if a machine failed and a frustrated production worker was on that machine when it failed, how do you deal with the production worker while you working to fix that machine as they tend to get more frustrated the longer the machine is down?

1 Answer

I was asked to describe what is a router, like the one used in the home for the internet.

1 Answer

Can u describe the type of work you do?

6 Answers

What reading would you get by measuring one leg of a 480v 3 phase motor to ground?

5 Answers

What would you do if an experienced employee said you're making me look bad stop working so fast

5 Answers

Would I ever work unsafe to finish a time on time?

4 Answers

if I had ever had to work along side an employee that wasn't carrying his own weight and how I reacted to the situation.

3 Answers

Everyone makes mistakes, recall a time when this happened to you and how did you correct it.

3 Answers

How important is safety to you?

4 Answers
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