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Interview questions in Makati, Rizal

PwC Interviews in Makati /  HQ: New York, NY

2 Interviews in Makati (of 7,912)

3.0 Average

Accenture Interviews in Makati /  HQ: Dublin

1 Interviews in Makati (of 10,849)

4.0 Difficult

Procter & Gamble Interviews in Makati /  HQ: Cincinnati, OH

1 Interviews in Makati (of 2,478)

3.0 Average

Interview Questions in Makati

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How would you deal with an irate client?

2 Answers

to entertain what i show my personality to aLL

to show my own

Why PS Bank

1 Answer

How do you define "gossip"?

2 Answers

We need someone to assume the position for at least 5 years, can you do that?

1 Answer

How will you deal with career setbacks?

How far is your house in this place

1 Answer

Are you aware that Banking industry does not have much budget when it comes to Human Resources so we can't meet your current salary and this position would entail a pay cut?

What are your expectations?

1 Answer
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