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Why do you want to work for MAC?

1 Answer

To get the best training Cosmetics have to offer.

Describe what makes good customer service?

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what would you do if you find someone stealing or trying to use abusive comments on you, due to dissatifaction.

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Tell me about yourself

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What do you do that makes you a good team player?

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They want to know how much you actually know about MAC products.

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What do you think you'd change on the make up application?

I did not experience a difficult question during this interview. The interview was very straightforward, which I appreciated. It made me want to work for Nordstrom. The more difficult part comes when you interview with a particular cosmetics line(if you are in cosmetics). The interview with these companies are usually less straightforward, more difficult as I hate to say, but cosmetics managers are usually overworked and not in touch as much with day to day life. They work ridiculously hard for medium salary. My experience is that they make up for this by acting very above everyone. I found this to be true with almost all of the lines I ended up working for (three in total).

you take a model and they switch the models and you do a role play/ skill interview.

They want to know who your inspirations are in the makeup world. They will also want to make sure you know about the company and the woman who started it all, Danny Sanz.

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