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If you had an infinite supply of water and a 5 quart and 3 quart pail, how would you measure exactly 4 quarts?

3 Answers

Fill the 5 quart pail and pour it into the 3 quart pail. now there are 2 quarts remaining in the 5 quart pail. empty the 3 quart pail and pour these 2 quarts into the 3 quarts pail. now the 3 quart pail is 1 less to be filled up. now fill the 5 quarts pail and pour 1 quart into the 3 quarts pail to fill it. the 5 quarts pail has 4 quarts in it now.

1) Pour 5 in take 3 out total remaining = 2 2) Pour 5 in total = 7 Take 3 out Now 4 is left total = 4

fill up the 3, pour it into the 5. fill up the 3 again, pour 2 into the 5 to top it off. now your 3 has 1. empty the 5. pour the 1 into the 5. fill up the 3 and pour it into the 5.

Tell me of a time you were stuck in between a rock and a hard place?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for KeyBank?

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Tell me about a project you worked on where you had to obtain information and how did you it?

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Think of a cube made up of smaller cubes. The larger cube is a 10x10x10 cube comprised of smaller cubes. How many of the smaller cubes are on the surface of the larger overall cube?

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The banking industry has the most diverse group of consumers and customers, do you think you can communicate with very diverse groups of people and not offend them?

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You should always be prepared for math problems related to the topics you list on your resume. I was asked what the convergence rate of Monte Carlo simulation is.

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Describe a time you did not achieve the results you wanted or when your plan was unsuccessful.

How would you build a model to forecast the deposit rate/M2

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