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The first case interview was analytical. It was basic math but the correct questions needed to be asked by me in order to come up with the correct revenue - estimate. Another case dealt with a domestic company looking to expand globally. You should be up to date on current economic news. The final case interview was less about problem solving and more about how you would handle difficult team environments and difficult clients. The confirming interview more of a laid back conversation with basic behavioral questions mixed in to help drive the conversation.

The problem solving test was hardest for me as the materials to prepare for it were provided by McKinsey, but ultimately, unrelated to the actual test. There were a few questions that could have been answered in a number of ways, but it was a multiple choice format.

Tell me about a time when you worked as part of a team and faced a challenge as a unit? This question was followed by a case study. You then then repeat this progress with the second interviewer to round off the first round. Successful candidates are then invited to the final round set of interviews.

You are faced with a transformational nightmare, what are the steps to overcome losing the client?

What do you want to get involved in the consulting industry? (my paraphrased version - can't remember it verbatim)