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Do you know ERP solutions? If so, what is your experience in implementing and/or auditing them.

Find median of an infinite stream of integers in O(1) time

8 Answers

"What else can you tell me that would make me interested in hiring you?"

3 Answers

Ask me anything you want for the next 30 minutes

2 Answers

Situational questions and assessment of maturity/seniority. Questions on how I dealt with project members who did not pull their weight.

2 Answers

Are you willing to travel.

2 Answers

If the US Territories were to become actual states, but under the condition that the total number of states would remain constant at 50, what would you do?

2 Answers

Asking about my age on the application, via required inputs on college and high school graduation dates.

2 Answers

Tell me three of your weaknesses.

1 Answer

Why are you looking to leave your current role?

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