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What factors would you consider when consolidating numerous finance branch offices into a single location?

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This is a factor question. Read Marc Cosentino's 'Case in Point' for thorough instructions on how to answer case questions. You will definitely be in trouble if you don't prepare for the case questions.

Why do you want to work here?

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case study

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Are you married? Interviewer (who was a manager, not a recruiter) asked by mistake, then said "oops, I didn't mean as an interview question!" and moved on.

The interview consisted of three parts. The company likely has no more than 15 people working for it, I was interviewed by two senior managers. The first manager I spoke with asked that instead of talking about the company himself, I should pose him questions about it. However, he was very vague in his answers as to what exactly does the company do. About as vague as the information I previously read on the company's website, which states something along the lines of "DIA Associates is an analytics driven strategy consulting company. Our high-impact solutions integrate seamlessly traditional strategy and sophisticated analytics." No examples of what are the clients that the company works with or what kinds of projects they are involved with were provided, for unknown reasons. When asked about what kind of work that an analyst is involved with, I was told that "all kinds, mostly working with SAS." The second part of interview was brain-teasers, or as one of the managers surprisingly called them, "case studies". The "case studies" involved giving the probability of forming a triangle when a stick is broken in two random places, the locker toggle puzzle, and the 12 gold bar riddle. As I worked on the cases, the second of the two hiring managers came out of his office. He stayed with us for no more than ten minutes, but in that time he twice rudely scolded one of his current junior associates, first for giving improper bathroom privileges to an interviewee and then for making a mistake in the pizza order for the office. All of this happened in front of the whole office (it is about he size of a living room) and the interviewees. This gave me a better idea of what kinds of work junior analysts are involved with. I later was interviewed by the same gentleman. He did not bother to introduce himself, so I am still not sure what his name is. His questions ranged from simply inappropriate to possibly even illegal, including for example personal questions about my family. The manager was extremely rude and left a horribly unpleasant impression. Based on what I heard from others who were invited to interview, this was how he spoke with everyone else as well. He also refused to explain what kinds of work the company does and what are its clients.

Explain your last project as a project manager/consultant.

They asked several times what I learned from each scenario I described.

The problem solving test was hardest for me as the materials to prepare for it were provided by McKinsey, but ultimately, unrelated to the actual test. There were a few questions that could have been answered in a number of ways, but it was a multiple choice format.

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