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Do you know ERP solutions? If so, what is your experience in implementing and/or auditing them.

"What else can you tell me that would make me interested in hiring you?"

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Situational questions and assessment of maturity/seniority. Questions on how I dealt with project members who did not pull their weight.

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Which is the heaviest of seven marbles. You have a scale.

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An ill-administered, informal DISC evaluation with questions leading toward a seemingly anticipated profile result of a S.

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The role has been open for several months and has now been reposted. On the panel interview, the hiring manager who is has the sole change management role, mentioned that customer needs within her role have increased - so this isn't a job due to a new strategic corporate development remit but one that assumes a portion (or shares) the existing OCM role and deliverables. Rather than seek a direct report I to the existing role the company should identify another OCM lead that has the same status as the hiring manager. The head of biz dev is amazing. 2 findings from our interview: OCM has no place at the strategy table - meaning, if you're a senior practitioner looking for a role that has input into enterprise strategy for a new company, this isn't that role. It's simply a customer-facing role that supports implementation lift-off and sustainability. Rightpoint's customers are asking for this more - which can mean that the software isn't intuitive. In any case, I pointed out that with ERP many integrations lack customer success (think SAP and the challenges certain customers/partners have with solution design, build, SIT, BIT, UAT, etc.). Considering how fab the head of biz dev is, his lack of wider marketplace trends with ERP implementations indicates that Rightpoint will benefit from formally leveraging OCM in both strategic and tactical leadership forums. No difficult questions. The hiring manager went back and forth on questions about OCM experience in the planning process versus execution. Later she seemed more interested in how many customer projects I could handle/drive at once. I see this as a change enablement role that delivers execution success throughout implementation and integration lifecycles. I pursued this role because of Rightpoint's status as one of the best company's to work for. I think the questions and topics lead to the following conclusions: a good customer/partner pipeline, not enough change enablement people to solve implementation and integration issues, and a SharePoint offering that isn't as easy to implement as it can be (hence the need for OCM enablement for execution success and integration tactics for sustainability success. Rightpoint would benefit from a CoE but since the OCM practice isn't at the internal leadership table I don't see this being built (and recognized) in the same way as it is with other companies. Neither do I see the investment (in the short term) to do this being made. It would be interesting to understand customer/partner pain points and C-Sat...maybe the reposted role has evolved, I'd ask them how long the role has been open and as always, how this role originated. The above includes my asking these questions.

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If a newspaper wrote an article about your leadership style, what would the headline be?

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The manager asked me to make multiple sales calls to her phone with no indication of what she expected.

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What are you like on a bad day? What am I gonna have to deal with from you when you are at your worst?

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all the questions can be answered in the format specified by the interviewer.

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