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How is your family life and how old are you

4 Answers

I didn't think the question was relative to the interview

You are legally not allowed to ask how old they are

You're legally not allowed to ask about family status, either.

why is matching required?

2 Answers

The interviewer went over the technologies leveraged within the role, talked about the culture of the company, asked about my vision within years at the company, and asked other things to assess my character as an individual and as a professional.

2 Answers

If i like to travel

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Describe a project you've worked on

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Describe what you would do if your boss assigned you a project that he needed completed in 4 weeks but you realize that it actually takes 6 weeks to complete, but your boss tells you that 4 weeks is the max time you have on it. What would you do?

1 Answer

You have 4 clients; client A - small and loyal, client B - pain in the ass and angry, client C - large with the potential for repeat business, and client D - chill and easy going. Because of things out of your control, you will miss the deadline for 2 of the 4 clients. Which 2 would you rather miss the deadline for and why.

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Detailed scripting language questions and all the processes to be followed in Config Management.

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Briefly tell me about yourself.

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Did I have experience reviewing detailed Network Engineering Technical Communications Diagrams?

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