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Managing Call Center environments are a balancing between sponsor (taxpayers), customers (Veterans), and employees. Given the current politial environment, how would you propose improving performance?

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The current environment is likely flat (or shinking) budgets; coupled with increasing Veteran population as the Armed Services drawdown; leaving the only option of improving performance is through employee emgagement. Managers need to streamline processes, work on improving employee morale, and obtain lastest telephony system possible that reduces work load through automation.

What is your experience with the GSA legacy systems?

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As a contractor, what was your function at GSA?

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Have you learned more from a good manager or a bad manager?

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At what level is the S&P 500 index at?

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Phone Interview - 4 behavioral questions, tell me about a time where you had to meet a lot of deadlines in a short period and how you handled it, using large data to solve a problem, having little information and had to make a decision, why BAC why risk Superday - technicals on statistics (regression, SML, GBM, GARCH), finance related questions (YTM, options) - heavy on project experience and internship/work experience

Describe a time when you had difficulty working in a group or with others.

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