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Management Trainee Interview Questions

"As a management trainee, your ultimate goal is to become a manager through your ability to analyze, organize, and collaborate. In an interview context, employers will be interested to see if you are familiar with how they operate, what your motivation is, and the meaning of customer service to you. Often times, you will be responsible for handling difficult customers, so know how you would role-play this scenario. To show that you are up for this job, emphasize that you are up for challenges, multi-tasking, and leadership."

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How do you feel about those jokers at Congress?

27 Answers

This is kind of a trick question. Do not fall into a political discussion

I am sorry. I thought I was interviewing for ##. Can you tell me how this line of questioning relates to this position?

"Nancy Pelosi is my grand-mother..."

Do you prefer to work inside or outside of the office...

6 Answers

Is there anything you want to ask me?

3 Answers

The questions were pretty basic. One question that stuck out to me: "What motivates you."

3 Answers

what are some thing your would change about your previous employer if you were the manager?

3 Answers

Without even knowing he said, I don't think you can do it and in no seconds asked if I give you the job, how early can you do? Tomorrow!

2 Answers

What is your mission in life?

3 Answers

yes you an honest person rate your self 1 to ten

2 Answers

Only one question, "describe the characteristic which is your best asset." The interviewer sped through the company information like a used car salesman. I had to take control of the interview, slow him down, and ask the questions to learn why they were really looking to hire.

3 Answers

Why do you want to work for Enterprise at this point in your career? (I was changing careers)

3 Answers
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