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What is your worst quality.

3 Answers

I hate this question and never know what to say

typical hate question...well my answer would be...though am bad at knowing qualitative traits for it good or bad...let others to opine it with my action and frankly speaking i dont care much abt what they have to say

I would give an honest answer that has nothing to do with the position... Perhaps, "My worst quality in my opinion is my love of sweets. I know I should stay away from sugar, but I have a really strong sweet tooth!". It's lighthearted, easy to relate to, and does not raise any red flags on how well you will perform the job (unless you are interviewing for a health-conscience position/company).

Not much difficulty if you know how to paint a picture of the perfect interaction. Most difficult question is how did you mess up last and how did you resolve it.

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Name a time you had to make a decision with limited or conflicting information.

Standard interview questions. Also included a panel interview with a few subordinates.

General questions, what would I bring to the company

What behavior to find it most difficult to manage?

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Becker was looking for someone with A/R experience and wanted to know how I would lower the A/R balances. I told them that I would look at the invoices sent and the payments received to make sure we were paid for all invoices. I contacted the firms and within 3 months, I collected over $6.4 Million in outstanding invoices.

Skills that I had related to job.

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1. What is TCP/IP?

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