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They ask you to look at a picture of a dirty home, and describe in writing what you see in the picture.

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I was not sure what they were looking for in the essay portion, so I just described it to the best of my ability without being biased or using derogatory language.

Will you give an example of what you wrote?

There is something very specific in the picture that they want you to talk about. Only someone who knows what they're looking at will get it. Hint: there are drugs in the picture.

Tell me about yourself - a typical question that gives you no idea of what they are looking for in an employee.

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Please share a time when you were faced with an apathetic employee, and tell me how you handled that situation.

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Conflict resolution - specifcally with irrate customers or sponsors not agreeing on requirements or changes in the scope, timeline,or resources assigned.

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What job did you apply for ?

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They wanted to know more about weaknesses than success.

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None of the questions were unexpected for the position. They used a combination of behavioral-based questions and questions regarding my philosophic approach to my professional responsibilities.

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How do you deal with a difficult boss?

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What do you like about project management most?

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Do you know how to manage a store that does not have a set "peak" time.

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