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Hyundai Capital America
Marketing Analytics Manager was asked...November 13, 2015

what is logistic regression? How to perform variable selection

5 Answers

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A Measurement of Variables

Logistic regression is a predictive analysis. To explain the relationship between the one dependent variable with another independent variable. Less

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Are you interested in doing sales?

2 Answers


They asked the EXACT same question to me: Are you keen in doing sales? I think this is a scam company as well. I applied for a totally different role. Less


SQL/theoretical questions

1 Answers

can you elaborate on the question


The interviewer took a scenario from "Die Hard With a Vengeance" involving getting 4 gallons of water using a 5 gallon jug and a 3 gallon jug.

1 Answers

You figure it out. :)


Asked a lot of business casing questions related to Marketing, campaign performance, One of the interviews was technical - writing tough SQL code (and they want you to be precise with the SQL code - not enough to be just conceptual), discussing Linear regressions, multi-collinearity, heteroskedascity etc. Other questions that I can think of: 1. What do you think will be the some of the challenges you will face on this job? 2. What are you biggest fears about joining Remitly? 3. What are your weaknesses? 4. Do you think we'll succeed?

1 Answers

Use common business sense (Demand/Supply) frameworks etc, think out loud, review your SQL, stats concepts if applying for a Marketing analytics type of role Less


Online 1-hour assignment

1 Answers

What did the SQL and analysis questions consist of if you don't mind sharing?


Specific questions to Uber operations such as: How big is Uber in terms of weekly trips? What do you think about Uber's culture?

1 Answers

Uber weekly trips? - I did some assumptions. They did not expect me to have the exact number but for the logic behind the answer. I started from the number of active drivers that they have on the platform (and they had shared it publicly on media), then I assumed a number of weekly trips per driver and I assumed some of them would drive less than a few hours, so I came out with a number and they liked the reasoning behind. What I though about Uber's culture? - I gave very honest feedback with the top 3 things I liked from Uber the most and the top 3 things I think Uber had to work on (find them on media if you want). Less


I was asked typical screening interviews questions, including salary expectations.

1 Answers

I expressed that it was too early stage to ask about salary.


How would you handle an under performing team member.

1 Answers

It was an uncomfortable question given that they mentioned the person exactly and was not a theoretical question Less

the LEGO Group

Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a coworker or customer.

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I responded with: I was running our annual sailing event in Boston and unfortunately my manager had scheduled it to sail at 5, rush hour traffic in the city is no joke. I talked the captain into not departing just yet (and not charging us for it either) as one of our sales guys was waiting on an important customer who was stuck in the traffic - this customer had come from New Jersey and would have been very very disappointed to miss it. In other words this could've cost us the relationship with the customer. We ended up sailing out 30 minutes later than anticipated but we were able to watch the sun set over the city (which was beautiful). The customer was very grateful and our sales guy was able to close out the deal that night. I believed that was a good answer. Far better than perhaps a more analytical focused one like "I forecasted margin in the weekly sales reports so my coworkers could see what commission they are bringing in" (our back office software doesn't forecast margin so they actually did appreciate this greatly.) Less

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