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Walk us through presenting a requirements doc to a client.

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I brought my laptop and had presentations ready to show them

What do you know about Nordstrom?

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What do you consider CRM?

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Explain a time you had to stand against a senior and how you went about that. What is the first project you'd like to work on if you started? How would you go about developing our CRM and who would you involve from our team?

They asked for my opinion on trends in CRM. They also asked if I was a subscriber.

They asked me to provide a presentation on several use-cases.

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Lots of behavioral interview questions.

Awkward call from the beginning, HR asked if I would be more interested in another position that I had not reviewed. Interviewer was very condescending and unfamiliar with the job functions, only aware of her prepared script.

The interviewer acted like he did not have the time nor care to interview me. Took one look at my resume and said he really didn't have any questions for me, after having at least three phone interviews with HR. I practically interviewed myself. Complete waste of time.

Why do you want to leave your current position?

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