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Manager of Project Management Interview Questions


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How many bottles of shampoo used in hotels around the world

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For what time period?

There wasn't one given

Full strength Wonderlic Test

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I think it was hard to balance the questions about mobility and learning new things with the clear desire of the department for you to stay in your role long enough to be useful to them.

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The interview was less behavior based and more of a discussion on my experience and my overall fit for the role and company culture.

Person who interviewed me was rushing thru the process & barely listening to my responses. I could tell my chances of getting the job were zero & person was just fulfilling obligation to interview me.

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Before your current position it appears that you have moved around quite a bit. Can you explain why?

Describe a time when you took a tough team situation and turned it around?

Give an example of a difficult management situation that you had to handle and what did you do.

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