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Specific configuration in Oracle for transaction.

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Can't remember answer

Q: Tell me what are your top 3 strengths.

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Q: The company headquarters is based in Israel and they feel that if an idea does not come from them, then it should not be considered, how would you deal with that?

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Q: Tell me about your background as it relates to the job description and requirements.

Ensure you are comfortable with SDLC. Will be asked for definitions (ie difference between Risk and Issue, etc.

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I received a call from a recruiter at Search Leaders. I had an initial 30-40 minute phone consultation to determine if my skills and experience were a fit for the position they were seeking to fill with their client. The recruiter thought I was a good fit and had the necessary skills for the position after asking an extensive list of qualifying questions. The recruiter then stated I would be moved to the next phase of the interview process and would speak with the account manager before being presented to the client. This is standard practice but did not happen. Instead later that same day, I received another call from the same recruiter stating i was in fact not qualified and offered me a lesser opportunities for which I declined. I wasn't provided an opportunity to discuss my experience and how I was or wasn't a good fit for the position, essentially not providing me with an opportunity to speak to the merits of my experience after I initially entertained THEIR cold call to me.

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6 interviewers asked the same question " Why would you want to work with a State University" ?

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What value would I add to the company? How do I see a PMO PM position fitting into a full Scrum Agile environment? How would I implement metrics and program portfolio level to help them predict finances and schedules with accuracy? How would I 'handle' an under performing scrum team or member?

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