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Asking questions relating to a completely different job title. A specific question was "What do I love about QA" when I am not and have not been in QA for many years. My resume clearly shows this! Very odd.

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We do apologize. We investigated your experience and did have an incorrect job listed as approved in our Jobvite system and realized you were not added to the correct job description during your interview with us. The interviewers didn't realize you were interviewing for a different job simply due to your resume being assigned to the wrong position in our applicant tracking system. There is no intention on our part for a bait and switch approach, honestly life is to short and time is too previous for such games. This was a technology issue that we didn't realize led to a poor interview experience for you and once we learned of it, we remedied the situation immediately. We would welcome you to come back to meet our team so we can explain further. Our business is growing and we'll most certainly have more jobs you could consider. Don't be afraid to email me directly at Kind regards, Jennie Ellis VP of Human Resources

There was no confusion at all. There was very clear communication from two different recruiters at Globys that the job I was to be interviewing for was a Program Manager/Release Manager position (not QA). It was very clear!! The hiring manager definitely new I what I was to be applying for, however I believe the interviewers did not. I believe my skill matched well with the QA role they initially wanted me for so they slightly changed the job description to bring me in. Email from Recruiter #1 - I just talked with the hiring manager for this role. He's actually changing the title to "Program Manager - Release Management" and will have job description for me on Monday. He said that QA will not be a part of it. Would you be interested in taking a look at the JD when I have it? Email from Recruiter #2 – Email sent to setup phone interview with hiring manager. This was a disclaimer at the bottom of the email. Point of clarification: I realize that you are not applying for the Sr. QA Position. As the Release Management on Sustaining Engineering team role is still being finalized, it is not yet in our system. As discussed with Recruiter #1, this position is the one you are being considered for. I don’t see how you can confuse what was said above. By the way, I did not apply for this job, the recruiter reached out to me so I am not familiar with what was posted on your jobsite.

how do i hear about the company

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while do i want to leave my job, l said l need a better pay job and to grow in the field.

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If l love working with my individuals,. What can I do to encourage them on day to day living.

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if I love working with individuals

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[In abrasive tone]: "Do you even KNOW what goes into a quarterly SKU performance analysis?!?"

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What brings you in here today, theyll <a class="ktg6us78hf8vdu7" href="javascript void(0)">hire</a> you unless you question their pyramid scheme too much

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What is your biggest pet peeve at work or about the people you work with?

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what is your leadership strategy?

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