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What do you know about Westlake Financial?

2 Answers

My answer: "You are a sub-prime auto lender." What I was really thinking was "You're a disgusting, money-hungry company that makes money off of exploiting desperate people. To work here, I would have to smoke weed every morning just to ease my conscience about working at a place like this. I'm sure there is a special place in hell for especially the upper management staff that works here."

Nothing, because if I did, I wouldn't be applying.

What is your chalenge obstacle and fear in job duties and responsibilitites?

1 Answer

Was I available for a two-month gig?

1 Answer

Would you go back on this career move?

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What you want in a career, why you're interested in CED, are you okay with working in a warehouse?,

They asked the standard career goals, strengths vs. weaknesses.

None. Informal info sharing, all casual and upbeat.

Tell us how what you know of Modus Hotels? How and what you've heard about us? What makes you an ideal candidate for this position? Your previous performance? How would your mom describe you in 3 words? Tell us something that is not mentioned in your resume?

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