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Receptionist Interview Questions in Manchester, England

Receptionists will be asked to take on a number of clerical roles in the office, including answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and working face-to-face with customers. Employers are looking for candidates with excellent organizational skills and who knows how to maintain a positive, helpful attitude in the workplace. In an interview you may be asked about any bookkeeping or scheduling experience you have. Be prepared with personal anecdotes about instances when you assuaged a frustrated customer or worked around a scheduling conflict.

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What do you know about Boss Model Management

1 Answer

To my understanding Boss Model Management is a Modelling Agency who works for many companies through out England, and you have a well balanced relationship with all of your customers.

Give me a example of a tough workload and how you dealt with it?

What's your biggest achievement this year, personal or work related ?

What would you do if a visitor asked you to reveal information about a student?

If a guest is upset and loosing their temper, how would you handle the situation?

1 Answer

name a time you dealt with a difficult customer

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself Do you know anything about us

name a good customer service experience name a bad customer service experience can you work nights are you flexible with your working patterns the needs of the hotel come first before anything else is that ok

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