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Recruiter Interview Questions in Manchester, England

"Companies and agencies are looking to hire recruiters with the industry knowledge and interpersonal skills to source, interview, and hire qualified job candidates. When interviewing for a recruitment position, expect to be asked about your sales experience and customer service experience, as having skills in these departments is essential to becoming a good recruiter who can sell jobs to the right candidates."

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How much is a lot of money to you ?

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As Energize like money motivated candidates I wanted to think big and show how keen I was to get started and start to have an impact.

Sell me this sheet of paper

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Didn't really have any valid questions. Just went through my CV like anyone would.

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Let me say I would not recommend this agency at all but the deals they offer do seem lucrative so make your own minds up just please read all the reviews before deciding. First is a phone "interview" they really sell the day and the company to you and tell you what to research. Tellingly most of the applicants on the day did not apply and were head hunted on sites such as Indeed or Reed (not sure if the get paid by numbers of applicants, but it would not surprise me) They are not as friendly on the day as they are on the phone interviews which again did not fill me with confidence about the company. Open Day: 1) Open questions to group but you have to be picked to give an answer. Basic sales/graduate questions and self introductions. 2) Personality questionnaire, that they don't use on the day, and which is pointless to fill in for at least half the group (who don't get through). Not sure why they don't do this later on in the process...Other than its a time filler. Along with questionnaire is a Maths and English test again they could do this with only the successful applicants as they are not marked that day (more time filler?) 3) Apprentice style task using groups (Tip- make sure you are picked as leader), and feedback session (Tip-make sure you contribute a lot) 4) Refer friends, they seemed to pressure us into this a little and I found out why. 5) Straight after getting your friends details they will tell you if you're successful and get a one on one interview, lunch and further interview prep. 6) If you are not successful you're told to leave and that you can ring in a few days for feedback. You can't get feedback on the day but they ring the referrals within the hour.

General Competency Questions

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What responsibilities do you believe this job entails?

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What’s your main motivation in life

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