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Design a generic Linked List in Java. Follow up: given access only to the head of the list, return the middle element.

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My answer was to first determine the length of the list and then go half the way. They suggested another approach, the slow and fast runner pointers. Both solutions would run in O(n) though.

Determine if a string containing all sorts of brackets is balanced (the sequence of brackets is closed correctly).

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Develop a software that leverages Restful apis, gather data, manipulate it and display information. 100% backend, no frontend involved. You can choose the language.

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Describe some data types that are thread safe.

What's the difference between final, finally and finalize in Java?

Something about flexibility in terms of working locations - customer sites, etc.

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How would you explain to your friend, who does not know nothing about software engineering, what exactly a Software Engineer does?

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