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What is the hard situation while you working in the project?

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While i was working in project my experience was convenience the developer it took lot of time to explain while the time i exchanged emails and i went to talk to developer before go to developer i discussed with BA and make sure i followed in correct process for functionality. i discussed with developer about test cases i showed proof of screenshots and some times opened SQL codes and showed the query process what i got defect.after this long process he agreed with my work it was hard time to explain developer.

What would I look for on linux that is different than windows?

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

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do you know python?

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What is the best designed product you have used. Why?

How do you see this Mobile Tester position? What is your goal in 1 year?

What do you know about QA and how it is applied in a software project? What types of tests are used for QA and how they are different? What are the three most important things to consider when creating Test Cases? What do you know about Agile?

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