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Manufacturing Associate I Interview Questions


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Hypothetical - What would you do if someone wasn't following strict protocol on the manufacturing floor?

1 Answer

Politely remind the individual that they need to follow protocol for the product to be shipped proper. If the problem isn't fixed right then and there, try to get a supervisor to help out.

Basically questions to make sure you know yourself, and instances in the past where you had to make difficult decisions, be it work, life, or college related.

What accomplishment am I most proud of in my career

1 Answer

Describe a situation where someone you were working with wasn't putting in their share of the work. How did you handle that?

What would you consider a weakness of yours?

Describe a time you had to collaborate with coworkers to accomplish a goal.

Do you prefer to work independently or in a group setting?

Name a time you had to work with someone difficult and how you dealt with it.

Are you okay working weekends? Different shifts, on the fly?

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