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Procter & Gamble
Manufacturing Engineer Intern was asked...November 5, 2020

What would you do if you had four projects, one due today, one due in a week, one due in a month and one due in a year?

4 Answers

I assume I have all these projects now because they all require work throughout the period to deliver on their respective timings so I would lay out all the tasks and sub tasks necessary to deliver the projects on time and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. This will also help me identify any conflicts or barriers so they can be addressed in advanced. Less

prioritize it according to hand over schedules

I'll handle the projects in order of timelines

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Benchmark Electronics

1. Tell me about your previous internship at __(company)__. 2. You told me about a time when someone wasn't pulling their weight and how you handled that situation, but what if you told him what to do and the day before the assignment is due, he decides he doesn't want to do it anymore. What would you do? 3. How are you with GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing)?

1 Answers

1. Explained further about my experience 2. I would do it for him to get it in by the due date. 3. I didn't know what that was. So he asked if we constructed any drawings and read them. I told him we did a little bit, then he showed me a drawing with GD&T and asked me questions about what each symbol meant. Less


Q: Can you describe a time in which you had a problem that you knew nothing about.

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I started to research the problem and find out a solution my self. I put together a list of outside resources to contact. I contacted a few and was able to get hands on explanation and walk through on the issue. It is about who you know in most sitituations. Less

OPW Fueling Components

What is your experience in manufacturing?

1 Answers

I have none, I am in school still

John Deere

How have you helped others on your team suceed?

1 Answers

Talked about a time in which I trained a coworker on a process they weren't as familiar with as I was. Less


What are you strengths? What are your weaknesses?

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I definitely am a people person. I enjoy talking to people, getting to know them, and asking for the opinion so that I can work with them better. My weakness is that I focus too much on customer satisfaction. A lot of times, I want to please everyone, and this can lead to projects being longer than I was expecting because I want everyone to like my solutions so that they are easy for them to use. Less


Describe a time when you had to use ethical considerations?

1 Answers

How or why did you make the decision you did?

Lincoln Industries

Describe a situation when you went above and beyond your job.

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Schneider Electric

What are Value Stream Maps?

1 Answers

A value stream mapping is a lean enterprise technique used to document, analyze and improve the flow of information or materials required to produce a product or service for a customer. Less


Its straight forward, why do you want to work here, what made you to decide this career path, etc. No random whats your favorite food questions

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