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Manufacturing Interview Questions

"Manufacturing covers a broad spectrum of jobs, each of which differs in its requirements. The questions you are asked in a manufacturing interview will depend on the tasks you are expected to perform. As most manufacturing jobs revolve around creating components and assembling components into products, you can expect to be interviewed about your ability to perform repetitive assembly line-style tasks with precision and accuracy. You may also be asked about any physical disabilities that would prevent you from lifting heavy objects or performing other typical factory floor tasks."

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Hypothetical - What would you do if someone wasn't following strict protocol on the manufacturing floor?

1 Answer

Politely remind the individual that they need to follow protocol for the product to be shipped proper. If the problem isn't fixed right then and there, try to get a supervisor to help out.

When designing a system, what order do you put the following attributes and why; Speed, Quality and Durability?

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You are in charge of a production line and one of the safety guarding is missing on conveyor. The production supervisor wants to start production. What would you do?

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They had a picture of a two clocks one with a short pendulum one with a long pendulum they asked which one runs faster...

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To fiscally take apart a carborator?? Apprentiship??? TRAINING???????

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I steve h like to cause division here at loftness mfg in hector

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Can you be on time everyday? Can you drive?

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"Do you care what title you are given if hired".

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This was a very 'hands on' interview. No BS questions, but know every manufacturing process you can, regardless how abstract. Same goes for surface finishing, treatments, and manufacturing automation. Also Apple does things very differently, cost is second to quality, So where other manufacturers are stamping sheet metal and molding things out of cheap pot metal, Apple is CNC'ing components, has incredibly tight tolerances, and is highly automated.

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Tell me about yourself

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