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What would you do with a batch of parts that were possibly bad due to quality defects?

2 Answers

Hold the parts until the quality and production lead could determine a disposition for the parts.

I will hold it till the quality team could analyze what is wrong with it. Then I would work with the Quality team and find out why it happened(root cause). 90% of such quality defects occur due to non-conformance to a standard operating procedure. Provide training or mistake proofing to see that it doesnt happen again.

If I knew what semiconductor wafers were. Being that I had only worked in the hospitality industry before this, it was a difficult question for me at the time.

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"Have you ever had to tell your boss he/she should change a process they implemented?"

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Lots of questions on leadership, they score your answers to determine your leadership potential

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Most difficult questions related to Salary and Cost to Hire.

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Do you have experience in the biotech industry?

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Would you be willing to work nights? That was the most unexpected question.

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Nothing surprising i was a new hire out of college.

The hiring manager asked how I was going to develop the skills of the employees when interviewing for the QC Supervisor Position. I had always used data to guide my decisions when continuously improving my staff or processes. But, he wanted a specific answer as to how I was going to personally interact and connect with the employees without using data. It was slightly strange, but I gave him an answer nonetheless (Glassdoor made me put in a most difficult question, I didn't want to).

Are you good at standing up to employees? What is more important? time at home or time at work? Do you need to take breaks? do you mind working holidays?

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