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What would you do with a batch of parts that were possibly bad due to quality defects?

2 Answers

Hold the parts until the quality and production lead could determine a disposition for the parts.

I will hold it till the quality team could analyze what is wrong with it. Then I would work with the Quality team and find out why it happened(root cause). 90% of such quality defects occur due to non-conformance to a standard operating procedure. Provide training or mistake proofing to see that it doesnt happen again.

Lots of questions on leadership, they score your answers to determine your leadership potential

1 Answer

They asked what type of Supervisor / Leader are you? What is your leadership style.

1 Answer

"Have you ever had to tell your boss he/she should change a process they implemented?"

1 Answer

Do you have experience in the biotech industry?

1 Answer

How soon can you start employment upon receiving an offer?

1 Answer

Would you be willing to work nights? That was the most unexpected question.

1 Answer

If I knew what semiconductor wafers were. Being that I had only worked in the hospitality industry before this, it was a difficult question for me at the time.

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Did I have thick skin & was I easily offended...

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They asked me to describe a time that I had to deal with a difficult employee and how I handled the situation.

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