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They had a picture of a two clocks one with a short pendulum one with a long pendulum they asked which one runs faster...

4 Answers

Well the fact that when they make a clock they make it to run properly not to run fast or slow no matter the size of the pendulum if the clock was designed with a short pendulum it would run the same speed as a clock designed with a long pendulum... now if someone swapped a long pendulum with a short one on a clock designed to run with a long pendulum it would run faster and if they did the opposite spawning a long pendulum onto a clock designed for a short pendulum it would run slow... but they had three answers, the short one, the long one or they both run at the same speed... I chose to inturpret the clocks as being made correctly and not someone screwing with their pendulums so I chose they both run at the same speed... I'm guessing they wanted the answe the short pendulum one runs faster but that's makes one jump to the conclusion someone's tampered with them... but sadly dry didn't give any blank spaces to explain answers...

If the only difference in the images is the length of the pendulum, then that's all you can say has changed, so you answer as if the clocks are identical with exception of the pendulum length.

It's basic physics. The shorter pendulum swings more quickly.

Was i looking for long term

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Which system is better a single pulley system or a double pulley system?

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What is a semiconductor. What is a micrometer and what is a nano meter. How do you neutralize a strong acid. What is the Ph scale and what is litmus paper used for.

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Convert .2 to a fraction and percentage

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All of the questions were scripted prior to the interview. They ask mostly technical questions which in retrospect, had no bearing on the job that I applied for because Technicians are not allowed to make corrections or even suggest them.

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Do you plan on going to grad school?

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What programming languages do you know? What is your familiarity with PLC ladder logic? Do you think that the decision of U.S. Manufacturing to leave automation in exchange for cheap overseas labor was myopic?

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Explain your experience and how it may relate to the job.

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How long have you been doing the work of a Product Engineer without the job title?

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