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How do you influence people who do not report to you? How do you get them to do things even though they don't have to or want to?

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a) I've never actually had someone refuse to help me when asked, but b) I would try ahead of time to get to know them so that when I need to influence them or need to request assistance, they already have a basic level of comfort with me.

I would answer this question by first stating that it is important to get to know how people are motivated on a personal level first. If they do not report to you then you might not have positional authority to ask them for a deliverable. At a company like Microsoft, I'm sure that there are jobs/roles that require people to get help/collaboration from people outside of their positional authority. To do this, you must first know what motivates a person and proactively make personal "deposits" to build some solid connections so that when you need to make a "withdraw" you have invested enough. Deposits can be made by taking an interest in someone, providing them with help when they need it, or maybe buying them lunch/drinks.

How would you sell our value prop?

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Everyone asked me if I had a sense of urgency.

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Do you know anything about Chartwell Higher Education?

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How will you position the current legacy product considering that the next generation product is beginning to be offered.

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Describe a situation that was particularly challenging for you and how you overcame it.

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Can you tell me how you would manage a new product launch?

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Tell me the thought process and planning as well as the execution in the launching a product x or creating a positioning for a product/feature Y.

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What kind of tools do you use for social media management?

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"if Germans were the tallest people in the world how would you prove it"

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