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Market Segment Manager Interview Questions


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Tell me your past experiences? Walk me through your resume

What company do you think is doing a good job of managing their brand right now? Why? What company is doing poorly?

How does a company calculate profit?

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Understanding what you do about this position, what would you aim to achieve in your first 30, 60, and 90 days?

I interviewed with five people: And all were behaviorial. Two interviews claimed to be job fit but they were asked in a behavioral fashion. - tell me a time : how you influenced ...; tell me a time where you overcome etc; tell me a time when you had to execute a strategy from start to finish. All were tell me a time. After the first tow interviews and the breaks, I lost interest fast. As influential this type of setting may work, it is not conducive for the role and type of job (creative field).

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What do you think is the next big move for T-Mobile? How would you fund it?

Tell me about a time you encountered a significant challenge, and how you solved for the better?

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