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If given an article you write, how do you go about gathering research for the article?

1 Answer

I told them I take a three-pronged approach: First I gather information from SME's (Subject Matter Experts) at my company who may have first-hand knowledge of the subject. Second I'll call SME's outside of my company who I may have worked with or who may have a relationship with my company. Third, I'll go to the internet and use sources such as wikipedia or do a Google search on the subject matter.

Do you prefer business or product style writing?

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Can you name a time when you've created a campaign across multiple forms of media? If so, please describe the process.

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Tell me about the most difficult project you've worked on, and what outcome was.

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If you could start a business what would it be? What types of publications do you read? Can you handle the pace of a start up?

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Why did you leave your last job?

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Past experience, why I was looking to leave my current position

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What competencies were important to me as a marketing writer?

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Make up a tagline on the spot!

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I was asked for samples of my long-form and short-form writing samples, and I wasn't sure which kind would be preferred for the particular job description at the time.

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