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Why PepsiCo? (be sure to make the distinction between the offices..and if you have some compelling reasons for being interested in NYC, state those clearly and enthusiastically) Why marketing? What are your strengths that will make you particularly successful as a marketer at PepsiCo? What are your weaknesses? Where else are you applying? Give me an example of a time you... - demonstrated strong leadership skills - demonstrated strong teamwork/collaboration skills - convinced your boss/team to adopt a viewpoint that you felt strongly about - disagreed with your boss/team Be ready for some soft marketing case questions (i.e. favorite brand and why, what can PepsiCo do better?, how should PepsiCo address the health and wellness trends that continue affect its key categories?) I was also asked how I would go about creating a brand positioning and marketing strategy for a newly acquired brand outside of Pepsi typical food and beverage portfolio. They literally pulled a pack of gum out of their pocket and said, “Pepsi just acquired Orbitz and you’ve been assigned to managing the new brand. What do you do? They asked me who I would have as the Super Bowl Half Time show performers and why? What’s your favorite marketing/advertising campaign? What’s your favorite PepsiCo brand and why? What’s your favorite brand in general and why (don’t say a competitor) If Pepsi NY is your #1, make sure to state that to your interviewers

Describe a time when you faced ambiguity in the workplace.

Tell me about a time that you had to convince someone who worked for you to do something they disagreed with?

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