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Tell me about your favorite campaign. How would you approach a new product that we would offer? What would be the first step you would take?

1 Answer

Have a solid grasp on your favorite advertising/marketing campaigns. Have a good knowledge of their product before walking into an interview.

If you had to pick 3 things you'd need to build out a digital marketing campaign for a community college, what would you want?

1 Answer

"Why do you qualify for this position without prior marketing experience?"

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Let's pretend you are sending out emails to encourage SMB's to advertise with Facebook. Each email to each SMB costs $1. After you send the emails, .5% of the SMBs sign up. How much did you pay for each person that signed up? I had to keep asking clarification questions. "How many people did I send to?" Then he said, "Let's pretend there were 1,000." Then I got the answer from there... I believe it's just a way to assess how you think and not exactly to get the correct answer.

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The client has done everything you've asked but still isn't managing to obtain many customers. Now what?

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What is your expected salary for this position

3 Answers

Give me 10 one word adjectives to describe you in both personal and professional settings.

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If we were to assign you a task using keynote and you had never used this application before, how would you go about completing this task?

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Can you tell me the difference between html and xml

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What is a canonical url tag?

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