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Be prepared to answer the question of "what can you bring to Crexendo?"

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Answer it with tangible examples. The interviewers are suckers for statistics. If you walk in with tangible examples of what you have produced in the past and what you can produce for them in the future (with the giant Crexendo logo on it), you're as good as hired.

If I have ever managed/ been a leader on a big project.

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What unique perspective do you bring to this client?

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They wanted ideas or basically free marketing consulting for some of their current challenges. I could quickly tell they were way behind in technology so it was difficult to answer in detail when I knew they didn't have a clue what I was talking about. They also focused only on the negative...tell me about a time when you a manager...on a project...etc.

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Q: How do you handle senior management giving very different feedback?

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The salary was not sufficient to make ends meet and there was a lot of turnover on the Business Development side.

Nothing unusual - very typical conversation about background, experience, what key traits contributed to your success. Behavioral-based interviewing technique.

How do you feel about working, advising, and mentoring field agents?

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Why did you approach this writing assignment the way you did?

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